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People are always shocked when they discover out I that I still stay in hostels.

“Aren’t you as well old for that?”

“Why would you still want to do that?”

“Don’t you really make money? Are you still as well broke for an Airbnb?”

“How do you even sleep?”

And what’s even more shocking to people is that while I commonly stay in personal spaces in hostels, I likewise still stay in dorms!

Why do I do this to myself? Why do I still stay in hostels? I usually have lots of hotel points from travel hacking. Why don’t I just stay in nice hotels?

Well, three reasons:

1. I’m cheap. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I started out — as well as stayed — a budget plan traveler since I just don’t like to spend money.

Especially on spaces I’ll only be in for a few hours.

I look at costs for hotels as well as personal spaces as well as think, “Well, a dorm is only $10, so why not?!”

True, I commonly regret that decision since I likewise don’t get a great night’s rest however money is money — as well as hostels are cheap!

2. They provide me with on-the-ground info about what budget plan travelers as well as backpackers are doing. (First came the backpackers, then everybody else, I like to say.) Backpackers as well as hostel personnel understand where to discover things to do on a budget. They have great deals of hacks as well as are a great source of info as well as resources I may not understand about.

I can discover about new apps, get hot tips, as well as find locations or events to inspect out. They understand the very best markets, affordable locations to eat, as well as off-beat destinations.

Hostels are where I get the info I can utilize to unlock the secret of exactly how to see a destination on a budget. They are my source of travel patterns as well as insider tips.

In fact, I believe hostels, their staff, as well as the backpacker crowd are an underutilized resource – regardless of your age or travel style. You don’t get travelers swapping tips at a hotel bar the method you do a hostel bar. So, if you’re looking for info — a hot new attraction, a great regional tour, new restaurants, a excellent dive bar, tips on getting around cheaper — go to a hostel.

Most hostels have bars or cafes available to the public up until a specific hour. satisfy some backpackers. Make some friends. discover something new!

Additionally, even if you aren’t staying at a hostel, you can still go inside as well as ask the personnel questions. They field more queries about “unique, weird, as well as local” things to do than your Airbnb hold or a hotel concierge. Take advantage of their insight!

3. I like the social vibe of hostels. While hotels do offer much better sleep, they are likewise boring. as well as while Airbnbs are a decent middle ground, they’ve been inching up in cost throughout the years (and contributing to overtourism along the way).

Hostels, on the other hand, are full of friendly travelers. I can switch tips, have a few conversations, get some travel buddies, as well as generally socialize. They are perfect if I want to discover people to join me as I hit the museum, the bar, as well as whatever in between

Hostels are just fun. I miss them when I’m not staying at them.

There’s usually a bar, events going on, activities, people hanging out, a pool table – there are great deals of methods to link with other travelers in a hostel.

The typical areas are meant for people to interact. even if I’m not looking for a rager, it’s still nice to head down, grab a beer, as well as chat with people for a bit.

How might I ever leave that? It’s method much better than watching Netflix!

Of course, there are days when I requirement to catch up on work or just want to relax after a few hectic days of socializing. For those occasions, I may get an Airbnb or hotel. however for each other day? Hostels are my favorite.

I may not be the most hardcore “budget” traveler these days however I don’t ever see myself not staying in hostels for at least part of my travels.

For me, they are home. You should make them your house too.

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